October 10, 2010

Higanbana (Lycoris radiata) flowers in Kaizo-ji

I found these vivid flowers of Higanbana blooming quietly beside an old well in the garden of this temple.

"Higanbana" means "the fower which blooms in the equinoctial week (Higan)" and one of the typical flowers that represent the deeping of autumn in Kamakura.

The inscription on the stone column says "Sokonuke no ido" which stands for "a bottomless well" in Chinese characters and Hiragana. This small well is one of the ten legendary wells of old Kamakura.

The name of this well symbolizes the mental state of enlightenment in which any bottom or restraint of human mind is removed to achieve the absolute freedom of spirit.


Mariano said...

Greetings, Kunihiko. Beautiful contrast between nature and a man engraved stone.
What does the stone says? It's in chinese Kanji?

Mariano Tello
Mendoza, Argentina

Kunihiko said...

Estimado Mariano:

Thank you for your warm comment and interest in my blog.

The description of this photo and inscription will be posted in my blog.

Muchas gracias!