September 14, 2013

A Tsumagurohyomon (Argyreus hyperbius) butterfly (female) in Kita-kamakura

In the lucid sunlight of September which brightens up the beauty of this world, a radiantly colored butterfly is sucking nectar from a thistle flower wholeheartedly.

While gently fluttering from flower to flower, this fragile butterfly lives her short life without any doubt as if she knew her own fate.

Autumn has just arrived here and begun to deepen gradually. When this brilliant butterfly disappears from view, the colorful flowers and leaves of autumn will again appear one after another in the quiet gardens of Zen.

A Tsumagurohyomon (Argyreus hyperbius)butterfly (female) in Kita-kamakura

Hagi (Lespedeza) flowers in Chojyu-ji

The loud singing of countless cicadas has already faded away and the blazing sunshine of high summer has secretly changed into the transparent and cool sunlight of early autumn.

The subtle fineness and nuances of colors and light are recovering slowly but steadily in the garden where a refreshing air is swaying green leaves gently.

Kashiwaba-ajisai (Hydrangea quercifolia)leaves in Kita-kamakura

Flaming autumnal colors are stealthily sneaking up to the gardens where the dazzling greenness of summer reigned a moment ago.

The pond of Engaku-ji

In the bracing breeze of early autumn, the reflection of a large weathered rock is being rippled faintly on the calm water surface of Myoko-ike ("the pond of sweet aroma").

On the water surface which is subtly waving, the mirrored figure of this solid rock is fluidly transforming without cease.

Whether or not we know it, everything is changing forever like the rock on the water.

A Fuyo (Hibiscus mutabilis)flower in Engaku-ji

Just after a light rainfall, the thin petals of a Fuyo flower were adorned with the glittering drops of rain.

A grove in Tokei-ji

The tiled roof of Jochi-ji

The silver gray tiles of the Buddha hall are shining brightly in the liquid sunlight of the azure autumn sky.

The sphere on the apex of the roof is called "Nyoi-hojyu" (the precious orb which grants all our wishes).

This precious orb symbolizes the sublime mercy of Buddha which can realize every earnest wish of all living things and save them from perpetual suffering.

A Cosmos flower in Tokei-ji

A bamboo grove in Tokei-ji

A Ichimonji-seseri (Parnara guttata) butterfly in Tokeri-ji