March 30, 2017

Haku-mokuren (Magnolia denudata) flowers: Engaku-ji

In the peaceful garden of Engaku-ji temple, in every March, this large tree of Haku-mokuren (white magnolia) bears countless white flowers high up in the air to glorify the arrival of spring.

On the still leafless branches, right beside these flowers, innumerable leaf-buds are coming out one after another to prepare the seasons of vigorous growth.

Every flower blooms to sing a soundless song, which secretly tells us the heartfelt spring joy of a silent tree or plant. 

Ume blossoms: Engaku-ji

Mitsumata flowers: Engaku-ji

Ume grove: Yugawara

Tosa-mizuki flowers: Engaku-ji

Kibusi flowers: Engaku-ji

Kawazu-zakura blossoms: Jochi-ji

White ume blossoms: Jochi-ji

Bamboo grove: Jochi-ji

White and red ume blossoms: Tokei-ji