August 31, 2012

A bamboo grove in Eisho-ji

The glossy summer leaves of Iwatabako are closely covering the shady rock surface at the end of the dense bamboo grove.

These dark green leaves are dimly glistening like the solid scales of a green dragon which is in hiding secretly in this shadowy grove.

Next May, the small pentagram-shaped flowers of Iwatabako will emerge from behind these leaves one after another to reveal the beginning of new early summer.

A Kicho (Eurema hecabe) butterfly in Engaku-ji

A small yellow butterfly landed on the small magenta flowers and flied away in the twinkling of an eye.

A flower invites a butterfly and a butterfly visits a flower.

In this small quiet garden, the hidden stories of living things are lasting forever in a secret manner.

A Byakusin (Juniper) tree in Kencho-ji

The sturdy and rugged bark of the old Byakusin (Chinese juniper) tree always reminds me of the mind of an enlightened person.

The seedling of this juniper tree is said to have been planted by the founder of this Zen temple about 760 years ago.

A Byakusin tree grows steadily without haste and never loses its evergreen leaves even in the cruelest winters.

The nature of this tree symbolizes the sincere and pure attitude of the Zen trainee monks who are in pursuit of their spiritual enlightenment.

A sacred lotus flower in Tsurugaoka-hachimangu

The golden pollen which has scattered by flower-visiting bees is adorning the white silky petals of this lotus flower.

The impressive figure of the filaments and stigma creates peculiar mysticalness in this magnificent flower of summer. 

Shukaido (Begonia grandis) flowers in Tokei-ji

In the shade by the rock surface out of which water oozes, a delicate-looking flower of Shukaido is gracefully blooming without being seen by anyone.

It is a wonder that, in the very height of summer, such a fragile flower blooms innocently in spite of the rage of scorching heat.

The summer leaves of Shaga (Iris japonica) in Tokei-ji

The sunshine filtering through the dense leaves of the grove is illuminating the glossy leaves of Shaga in the deep stillness.

Sarusuberi (Lagerstroemia indica) flowers in Kencho-ji

Like the clusters of small clouds tinged with the evening glow, the vivid magenta flowers of Sarusuberi are floating calmly in the burning air.

The shaded grove of Tokei-ji

The radiant sunbeams are shining through the grove and brightening the summer leaves exquisitely.

This peaceful grove is filled with the fine gradation of greenness completely.

August 15, 2012

Sacred lotus flowers in Tsurugaoka-hachimagu

In the furious sun glaring out of the clear blue sky, the majestic flowers of sacred lotus are blooming vigorously one after another as if to fully absorb the blazing heat and violent splendor of this high summer.

The pleasant and bewitching aroma emitted by these countless flowers is floating around slowly in the hot air to entice bumblebees and honeybees into the flowers.
A flower of sacred lotus opens early in the morning and closes early in the afternoon. After its cycle of blooming is repeated for three days, this flower flutters down in the slow hot wind.

Sacred lotus flowers in Kencho-ji

The gilded metal ornaments on the Chinese-style gate are softly glistening in the dazzling sun.

The lotus flowers, buds and leaves are standing high above the water surface of the Hasu-bachi (lotus-basin) beside the gate.

The beautiful composition of these elements presents the particular moment of wonder which can only occur in this season of the golden sun.

Sacred lotus flowers in Tsurugaoka-hachimagu

A sacred lotus flower in Tsurugaoka-hachimagu

Beneath the blazing sun of mid-August, the vivid pink of the lotus petals is perfectly in harmony with the bluish-green of the leaves and magically enhances the beauty of this pond garden of summer.

The bright yellow of the pistil and stamens is brilliantly illuminating this silky flower from within.

A sacred lotus flower in Tsurugaoka-hachimagu

Among the broad and thick leaves covering the surface of the muddy water, a white graceful flower of sacred lotus is blooming aloft in a dignified manner.

Like a monk meditating quietly, the pure and clean figure of this flower seems to tell us of the teachings of Buddha in silence.

A sacred lotus flower in Tsurugaoka-hachimagu

I found a vivid pink flower of lotus concealing itself calmly under the thick leaves like a seductive and graceful sorceress.

Somehow this scene reminded me of the mystic painting by Henri Rousseau entitled "The Dream."

A sacred lotus flower in Tsurugaoka-hachimagu

Sacred lotus flowers in Tsurugaoka-hachimangu

The water surface of the pond is thickly covered with the numberless summer leaves of sacred lotus.

After a while, such vital leaves will discolor and wither as the glaring sun and blazing heat of mid-summer decline gradually.

The seasons are revolving around without showing any hesitation.

A sacred lotus flower in Tsurugaoka-hachimagu

Sacred lotus flowers in Tsurugaoka-hachimagu

August 4, 2012

Sacred lotus flower and buds in Kencho-ji

The bright pink flower of sacred lotus is blooming nobly before the Chinese-style gate with gilded ornaments.

The glaring sun of midsummer is fully bathing everything to clearly show the beauty of this world.

In Buddhistic thought, the flower of sacred lotus symbolizes the supreme wisdom and mercy of Buddha because this flower emerges from muddy water to burst magnificently without any impureness.

The height of summer has just arrived here to bring us the full splendor and fragrance of majestic lotus flowers.

A sacred lotus flower in Kencho-ji

The sacred lotus flower which is said to bloom in the Pure Land of Buddha may be glowing in this glorious way.

A sacred lotus flower in Tsurugaoka-hachimangu

It is a heartfelt joy to meet again the spectacular and silky flowers of sacred lotus in the dazzling sunlight of a August morning.

These impressive flowers stand up straight quietly above the large bluish-green leaves covering the water surface of the pond.

The rich and enticing aroma given off by the flowers fill the pond garden, which is full of the bright light of high summer and the lively singing of cicadas.

A sacred lotus flower in Kencho-ji

A sacred lotus flowers in Tsurugaoka-hachimangu

A sacred lotus flower in Kencho-ji

In the shade of the thick leaves, a beautiful and innocent lotus flower was hiding from the blazing sun of midsummer.

Sacred lotus flowers in Tsurugaoka-hachimangu