April 13, 2014

Sakura (Japanese cherry) blossoms: Engaku-ji

The height of spring comes here to let every flower bloom vigorously.

I know that trees and plants patiently prepared for their flowering in the long piercing cold of winter.

The fragrant warmth of this long-awaited blossom season is awaking the sleeping buds of flowers in the gardens gently but rapidly.

A flower is an unspoken word of wisdom that tells us of the beauty within this world where we live.

Haku-mokuren (Magnolia denudata) flowers: Engaku-ji

The white lotus-like flowers of Haku-mokuren (white magnolia) are in full bloom high up in the air as if to be in an ecstasy of joy.

It is one of my most heartfelt delights to again see these brilliant but transient flowers of this great tree in every spring.

This gracefully mature tree was presented by Lu Xun (a historic Chinese novelist) to this temple in 1933 as a token of his thanks.

Sakura (Japanese cherry) blossoms: Engaku-ji

Sakura (Japanese cherry) blossoms: Engaku-ji

Sakura (Japanese cherry) blossoms: Kencho-ji

A stone-image of Buddha: Tokei-ji

A weathered stone image of Buddha is sitting still on the moss-covered slope in the shade of trees.

The seasons of the living are rotating swiftly in front of his eyes of eternal compassion.

Shidare-zakura (Cerasus spachiana f. spachiana) blossoms: Tokei-ji

Stone steps: Tokei-ji

The worn-away stone steps are thickly covered with rich and fresh greenness of moss.

Kawazu-zakura (Cerasus lannesiana Carrière, 1872 ‘Kawazu-zakura’) blossoms: Engaku-ji

Illuminated Sakura (Japanese cherry) blossoms at evening: Sankei-en (Yokohama)