February 14, 2013

The winter seashore: at Shichirigahama-beach

In the golden glow of the setting sun, the waves washing the shore are sparking softly in the clear evening chill.

The biting wind of winter has calmed down finally and only the continuous sound of the sea is floating along the empty raven-black shore.

The winter seashore: at Yuigahama-beach

At the water's edge, in the splendor of the slanting sun, a barefoot boy has run away in a flash before my eyes.

Time goes by ceaselessly. On the bright seashore which waves wash endlessly, we sweep through our lives like a blast of wind.

The winter seashore: at Yuigahama-beach

The setting sun is slowly sinking beyond the dark headland and is turning the cloudless sky to gold in the west.

In the amber evening glow which softly illuminates the calm surface of the sea, a father, a mother and a boy are standing still on the quiet beach and are staring the far distant horizon as if to gaze into the eternity.

The winter seashore: at Shichirigahama-beach

The glow of sunset is casting the moving shadow of waves on the glittering sands.

At the water's edge, the remainders of waves are sparkling like gold dust in the declining sun.

The winter seashore: at Yuigahama-beach

On the beach flooded with the bright light from the slanting sun, children are playing joyfully with the waves which are endlessly breaking and receding.

Perhaps they may know that life was born in the sea in a far-gone age.

Mt.Fuji in the twilight (Shichirigahama-beach)

The twilight is tinting the midwinter sky with light cinnabar-red. The land and sea are finely colored in the subtle gradations of violet.

This lucid and peaceful landscape of Mt.Fuji is the precious gift of the dry and transparent chilliness of this season.

The evening sun: at Shichirigahama-beach

The dazzling sun is gloriously sinking behind the shadowy silhouette of the distant peninsula.

The calm surface of the cold sea is reflecting the evening glow as a long strip of golden sparkles.