September 9, 2016

Glowing clouds: Yuigahama-beach (Kamakura)

After a lightning storm passed, the deep blue sky of late summer returned above the distant horizon once again.

The silky white clouds were quietly drifting high in the air to adorn the infinite space of blue.

The dazzling summer sunlight was gently dispersed by the countless waterdrops in the clouds and exquisite spectral colors were faintly added to the pure white clouds.

White clouds: Yuigahama-beach (Kamakura)

White clouds: Yuigahama-beach (Kamakura)

Image of Bodhidharma: Kencho-ji

A granite image of Bodhidharma in meditation is sitting firmly in the isolated grove of midsummer.

Numerous cicadas are devotedly singing their songs of courtship as if to have noticed the approaching end of summer and their lives.

Ripples on the water: Engaku-ji

In the fierce sun breaking through clouds, like a gentle living being which is silently singing a tender song about life, the water of the pond is ceaselessly undulating to form innumerable twinkling ripples on it.

Roots: Engaku-ji

Fuyo (Hibiscus mutabilis) flowers: Kaizo-ji

Ivy leaves: Kita-kamakura

Garden: Kencho-ji