January 30, 2015

Frozen pond: Engaku-ji

In the bitterly cold wind blowing down from the iron-blue winter sky, the quiet pond is completely covered with the thin sheets of ice.

The deep green of cedar trees is mistily reflected in the dark surface of the frozen pond.

The chilly stillness of midwinter is prevailing over this bleak garden to try to freeze even the currents of time.

Living creatures are staying absolutely still with bated breath, patiently waiting for the arrival of their spring.

Ume flowers: Kaizo-ji

Although winter is yet to move away, the flowers of Ume (Japanese apricot) have just begun blooming as if they sensed the faint sign of spring in a chilly wind.

In the wintry garden which almost lacks in color, the warm glows of these flowers let us know the gradual approach of the early spring.

Ice lumps: Engaku-ji

In the weak sunlight of a chilly afternoon, the ice lumps are slowly melting on the round water in the old stone washbasin.

Ume flowers: Tsurugaoka-hachimangu

Winter Sky: Yuigahama-beach

Jizo-bosatsu: Tokei-ji

Flower buds of Mitsumata: Tokei-ji

January 4, 2015

New Year Sun: Yuigahama-beach, Kamakura

                       Best wishes for a wonderful New Year.
                       May all living things be peaceful and happy.