October 4, 2014

Hagi (Lespedeza) flowers: Kaizo-ji

As autumn deepens slowly and surely, various flowers of this serene season begin to bloom in a hurry to prepare for the stealthy approaching of winter.

The countless thin branches, which are heavy with magenta butterfly-shaped flowers, are drooping down like a motionless waterfall.

The liquid afternoon sunlight special to this season is pouring on these flowers to give its blessing silently.

Hagi (Lespedeza) flowers: Kaizo-ji

Like the dazzling sparks of fireworks bursting in the sky, the innumerable flowers are dancing in the wind over the narrow stone steps ascending into the garden of early autumn.

Stream: Kencho-ji

The stream is flowing continuously like the ceaseless passage of time.

The bright green moss thickly covering the stone wall is shining gently in the soft sun of this fleeting beautiful season.

Colored leaves: Kencho-ji

Like slow flames spreading gradually, vivid autumnal tints are appearing bit by bit on the leaves in the gardens.

Colored leaves: Chojyu-ji

Hagi (Lespedeza)flowers: Chojyu-ji

Aged tree: Tokei-ji

Higanbana (Lycoris radiata) flower: Tokei-ji

Bamboo leaves: Tokei-ji

Higanbana (Lycoris radiata) flowers: Tokei-ji