January 21, 2014

A frozen pond: Kencho-ji

In the bluish white sunlight of a winter afternoon, the thin sheets of ice are shining dimly on the quiet surface of the pond.

The cold tranquility of midwinter has secretly settled itself down in this garden to let us perceive the meaning of deep and clear stillness of this season.

This smooth pond is always serene and undisturbed in the rapid passage of time and seasons.

Bare branches: Tokei-ji

Above the bare branches of trees swaying to the north wind, the thick ash-gray clouds are drifting fast across the icy blue sky.

Winter is the season of endurance and austereness, during which all forms of life patiently prepare for their lively awakening in early spring.

A frozen pond: Engaku-ji

The clear rays of the winter sun are filtering down through the bare branches of trees and softly lighting up the frozen surface of the silent pond.

In the biting cold, even the flow of time seems to be frozen momentarily in this garden.

The setting sun: Shichirigahama-beach

In the dry and chilly air of January, the cinnabar glow of the declining sun gently keeps illuminating the sky, the sea and the water's edge.

In this quiet evening, the continuous sound of waves is almost drowned in the cold wind from the sea.

Thin sheets of ice: Engaku-ji

The thin coats of ice are floating still on the mirror-like surface of the pond.

In the transparent coldness, profound serenity is filling this garden and my mind.