July 1, 2015

Ajisai (Hydrangea macrophylla) flowers: Kaizo-ji

The peaceful garden, which had been cleansed by the rain, was gracefully colored by the flowers of Ajisai and the thick green leaves peculiar to this pale rainy season.

The seasons let us know their invisible turning by the vivid change of flowers. Every flower blooms and falls hastily to teach us of the transient beauty of life.

Along with the change of flowers, we are hurriedly going through our fleeting lives.

Ayame (iris) flowers: Kaizo-ji

In the tender morning sunlight, the thin white petals and sword-like green leaves of Ayame (iris) are shining softly.

The vivid magenta flowers of Matsuba-giku (Lampranthus spectabilis) are in full bloom as if to express innocent delight of entering their flowering season. 

Ajisai (Hydrangea macrophylla) flowers: Engaku-ji

The pure white flowers of Ajisai are delicately blooming beside the stone steps leading up to Ou-bai-in (the house of winter jasmine) which is the minor temple built to praise the great achievement of Muso Soseki.

Like elegant calligraphy by a Zen priest, the name of this temple engraved on the moss-covered stone pillar is divinely consonant with the modest white flowers and the vivid green leaves

Iwatabako (Conandron ramondioides) flowers:Tokei-ji

The little violet flowers of Iwa-tabako are showing up bashfully under the thick leaves on the wet rock surface.

In Kita-kamakura, these fragile star-shaped flowers bloom and vanish inconspicuously in the start of the rainy season.

Iwatabako (Conandron ramondioides) flowers: Tokei-ji

Zen-garden: Zuisen-ji

This tranquil rock garden was originally designed by Muso Soseki in 14th century.

To symbolically present the landscape of enlightenment, this garden was deliberately prepared by excavating and carving natural rock wall.

The central cave called "Ten-nyo-do" (celestial nymph's cave) was used as a training chamber for the Zen meditation practiced while watching the moon reflected on the water surface of the pond.

Ajisai (Hydrangea macrophylla) flowers:Tokei-ji

Shida (fern) leaves: Zuisen-ji

Ajisai (Hydrangea macrophylla)flowers: Engaku-ji

Iwatabako (Conandron ramondioides) flowers: Tokei-ji

Ajisai (Hydrangea macrophylla) flowers: Kencho-ji

Gaku-ajisai (H. macrophylla f. normalis) flowers: Chojyu-ji