November 27, 2012

Autumn leaves in Arashi-yama (Kyoto)

The seasons are rotating on perpetually.

The trees have already begun to take on autumnal reds and yellows to prepare for harsh winter.

The river keeps flowing gently like the relentless stream of time.

On the wooden bridge over the running river, people continue to come and go to live their own lives.

Autumn leaves in Arashi-yama (Kyoto)

Beyond the Togetsu-kyo (Moon Crossing Bridge), the woody hillside of Arashi-yama is finely adorned with the flaming colors of the autumn leaves.

Before long, these flamboyant leaves will be scattered suddenly by the chilly winter blasts and be slowly carried down by the ceaseless flow of the river.

Autumn leaves in Arashi-yama (Kyoto)

The colorful autumnal leaves are lending an additional elegance to the quiet beauty of the deep gorge and calm river.

Autumn leaves in the garden of Daikaku-ji (Kyoto)

Beyond the "Osawa-ike" pond whose surface is covered with the numberless withered leaves of sacred lotus, the Shinkyo-houtou (Precious Sutra Pagoda) is gracefully ornamented with the gentle autumnal colors.

Autumn leaves in the garden of Daikaku-ji (Kyoto)

The tiled roofs of the temple are shining softly in the clear morning sun.

The countless slight ripples caused by the gentle autumn breeze are creating a fine texture on the water surface of the pond.

The garden of Koto-in of Daitoku-ji (Kyoto)

Just after it has stopped raining, the exquisite colors of autumn are flooding the silent garden surrounded by the bamboo grove.

The stone pavement to the gate of Koto-in of Daitoku-ji (Kyoto)

The deep green of the moss and bamboo is filling the rainy passage to the gate. 

The pale autumnal tints of maple leaves inside the gate are adding a subtle touch of charm to this place of stillness.

Autumn leaves in koto-in of Daitoku-ji (Kyoto)

The leaves of deciduous trees take on spectacular flaming colors to flutter to the ground with every puff of the cold wind.

Soon long and bitter winter will come here and every living thing will quietly wait for next spring in the coldness.

A Tsukubai (stone washbasin) in the garden of a teahouse in Koto-in of Daitoku-ji (Kyoto)

In the quiet garden adjacent the tea house, the autumn leaves are softly falling onto the old stone washbasin which is thickly covered with vivid green moss.

November 21, 2012

Autumn leaves in Koto-in of Daitoku-ji (Kyoto)

I visited Kyoto to enjoy the beautiful coloring of the autumn leaves in this ancient city.

In the tranquil garden of the small temple, a passing gentle shower fell on the leaves which were taking on brilliant autumnal tints.

Just after the rainfall, the graceful colors of the leaves, which had been purified by the cold rainwater, impressed me deeply with their sudden overwhelming beauty.

A series of pictures which I took during this weekend trip to Kyoto will be presented for some time so as to keep a memory of the unforgettable sights of this fast passing season.

The autumnal garden of Koto-in of Daitoku-ji (Kyoto)

In the calm garden just cleansed by the rain shower, the wet stepping stones extend through exquisite colors of autumn as if leading me to eternity.

In several days, this peaceful garden will be filled with flaming color of innumerable autumn leaves with the coming on of biting coldness.

The stone garden of Ryugen-inn of Daitoku-ji (Kyoto)

The bright morning sun is clearly illuminating the ocean and islands of this quiet stone garden.

The passage of time disappears in this world and only a present moment stays everlastingly.

Autumn leaves in Koto-in of Daitoku-ji (Kyoto)

In Kaede-no-niwa (the garden of maple trees) of this minor temple, the subtle harmony of autumnal colors was floating gently like a heavenly music in a brief sprinkle of rain.

The stone garden of Ryugen-inn of Daitoku-ji (Kyoto)

In the bright and clear morning sun special to this season, the eaves of the Hojyo (abbot's chamber) is casting a sharp shadow onto the stone garden thickly covered with green moss.

Autumn leaves in Koto-in of Daitoku-ji (Kyoto)

The raindrops of the sudden rain is softly falling on the autumn leaves as if to try to heighten their beauty further.

Garden stones in Ryugen-inn of Daitoku-ji (Kyoto)

The liquid morning sunlight is streaming through the corridor and is shining on the islands and ripples of this small inner Zen-garden.

November 19, 2012