May 30, 2015

Suiren (water lily) flower: Kita-kamakura

In the early morning after drizzling night rain, I found the first flower of water lily was open modestly in my small garden.

Every plant knows its own flowering season and blooms beautifully with all its might for the joy of living.

Soon the grayish rainy season will come here as a bridge between fragrant spring and bright summer.

In its graceful way, this foremost flower of water lily made me notice the stealthy approaching of the rainy days.

Miyako-wasure (Gymnaster savatieri) flowers: Tokei-ji

New leaves: Engaku-ji

In the small front garden of the hall for Buddha's bones, a meditating monk is walking quietly in a circle.

The vivid greenery of spring leaves is placidly adorning this place of pure stillness.

A moment of eternity has just descended from the sky and the monk is staring into the absolute truth in his own mind.

Rock face: Engaku-ji

Hakuunboku (Styrax obassia) flowers: Jochi-ji

Tsutsuji (azalea) flowers: Kencho-ji

Botan (peony) flower: Kencho-ji

Botan (peony) flowers: Kencho-ji

A Haru-Botan (spring-peony) flower is very large (about 15-20 cm in diameter) and have great beauty and splendor.

In China and Japan, because of its amazing charm, this flower is traditionally called the king of flowers and is regarded as a very auspicious omen.

Peony is said to have been imported into Japan from China as a herbal medicine when the teachings of Buddhism were introduced into Japan.

Botan (peony) flowers: Kencho-ji

Shaga (Iris japonica) flowers: Kita-kamakura

Shaga (Iris japonica) flowers: Tokei-ji

Siran (Bletilla striata Reichb. fil.)flowers: Kaizo-ji

Ayame (Iris sanguinea) flowers: Kaizo-ji

Fuji (Wisteria floribunda) flowers: Engaku-ji