November 30, 2015

Sunset: Yuigahama-beach

In less than a moment, the flying white clouds, the glowing sun and the deep blue sky have just unified together to instantaneously present the marvelous seascape of sunset.

Every beauty of nature emerges transiently, transforms itself in the twinkling of an eye and vanishes away without appearing once again.

The golden sunlight emitted by the setting sun is brilliantly reflected in the gently waving sea as if to enlighten us on the hidden secrets of this vast universe.

White heron: Yuigahama-beach

A white heron is gazing fixedly at the rippling water surface of a river which is reflecting the soft silver sunlight from the slanting sun.

Soon night will fall fast and this silvery heron will fly away to her nest to retire for her chilly quiet night.

Evening sky: Yuigahama-beach

Half-moon: Yuigahama-beach

Evening sky: Yuigahama-beach

Waves: Yuigahama_beach

Evening sky: Yuigahama-beach

Stone steps: Tokei-ji

Fallen leaves: Kaizo-ji

Garden: Kaizo-ji

Dahlia and bamboo: Jochi-ji

November 11, 2015

Reflection: Kaizo-ji

The transitory colors of autumn leaves are gently sparkling on the rippled surface of the quiet pond.

In the air which grows colder day by day, flowers are vanishing gradually from view in this garden.

Soon, like the magician of color, autumn will dazzle our eyes with numberless flaming leaves and then let us know the explicit arrival of winter by the fast fading of its splendid colors.

Maple leaves: Kaizo-ji

Rindo (Gentiana scabra) flowers: Kaizo-ji

In the crisp sunlight of autumn, the flowers of Rindo are blooming modestly above the ground, where other flowers have almost disappeared and fallen leaves have already lain about.

The ultramarine blue of this flower seems to be gifted by the azure autumnal sky to praise the noble sturdiness of this flower which blooms in the chilliness of this beautiful season.

Tea house: Kaizo-ji

Hototogisu (Tricyrtis hirta) flowers: Kaizo-ji

Yuigahama beach: Kamakura

Through the overlapping cloud layers, the afternoon sun is emitting silky sun beams into the iron-blue sky of autumn.

People standing at the water's edge are silently watching the waves endlessly break and retreat, waiting for the blazing red of the setting sun.

Yuigahama beach: Kamakura

Yuigahama beach: Kamakura

Rindo (Gentiana scabra) flowers: Kaizo-ji

Sion (Aster tataricus) flowers: Kaizo-ji