August 25, 2014

Fallen petals of sacred lotus flower: Tsurugaoka-hachimangu

Quickly summer is passing away and the intensity of the dazzling sun is gradually decreasing day by day.

The best season of lotus flowers has already come to an end and their enticing aroma has almost faded away in the soft air around the ponds.

At nights, insects are singing lively in every thicket to declare their mating season, which heralds the invisible arrival of crisp and beautiful autumn.

Kara-mon (Chinese gate); Kencho-ji

This exquisite combination of the golden Chinese gate and the flowers of lotus is peculiar to this bright season.

The curves and textures of the copper and tile roofs are forming a beautiful rhythmical pattern, which makes me feel the music of silence.

Bamboo grove: Kencho-ji

Like a spiritually awakened sage, ever-green bamboo trees are growing higher and higher without rest, absorbing sunlight, water and wind vigorously.

San-mon (moutain gate): Kencho-ji

The five-colored hangings, which are suspended from the eaves of the mountain gate for a celebration day, are slowly swaying in the gentle breeze of late summer.

These five colors are symbolic of the five kinds of wisdom of Buddha.

Red is the blood color of Buddha and represents his profound compassion on all living things in this painful world.

Gold (or yellow) is his body color and represents his ultimate power which destroys all earthly evil passions and darkness.

Green (or blue) is his hair color and symbolizes his absolute tranquility of wisdom which can reveal the eternal truth of everything.

Purple is his robe (Kesa) color and represents his supreme endurance which overcomes every persecution, temptation and insult.

White is his tooth color and symbolizes his pure heart which cleanses every evil and agony of this land of the living.

Fern leaves: Kita-kamakura

Sacred lotus flowers: Tokei-ji

Tea-house in the summer garden: Sankei-en (Yokohama)

Sacred lotus flowers: Sankei-en (Yokohama)

Water lily flowers: Sankei-en (Yokohama)