September 25, 2011

Fuyo (Hibiscus mutabilis) flowers in Engaku-ji

Beneath the sky of deep cloudless blue, the white flowers of Fuyo, which have beautified the very end of summer, are blooming lively as if to heartily rejoice in the precious bright sunlight still staying behind after the end of summer.

The clear serene air of early autumn refines the azure of this sky to the utmost.

The blazing sunlight and intense heat, which have long reigned over here, are fading away being aware of the time of their withdrawal.

Miyagino-hagi (Lespedeza thunbergii) flowers in Kaizo-ji

The countless small magenta flowers of Miyagino-hagi have begun to bloom in concert for notifying us of the long-awaited arrival of beautiful autumn.

Higanbana (Lycoris radiata) flowers and a Kuroageha (Papilio protenor) butterfly in Tokei-ji

A black swallowtail with worn-out wings was faintly fluttering about among the garden flowers to suck nectar from them.

I remember that, in the brilliant sunlight of midsummer, such a butterfly always flied high up in the air in a noble and majestic manner.

The flower of Higanbana is a sign of the deepening of autumn. Within a very short time, butterflies of summer will vanish away from this garden without leaving a trace.

Susuki (Japanese pampas grass) spikes in Jochi-ji

A Tsumagurohyomon (Argyreus hyperbius) butterfly in Tokei-ji

Maple leaves in Tokei-ji

The green leaves of Maple are quietly waiting for the moment of their brilliant metamorphosis.

Higanbana (Lycoris radiata) flowers in Tokei-ji

Murasaki-shikibu (Callicarpa japonica)fruits in Tokei-ji

September 12, 2011

Golden waves at Yuiga-hama beach

The evening sun, which was quietly sinking behind the edge of hills, turned the lapping waves dark gold for a while.

The golden waves were softly beating upon the tranquil seashore without end.

The everlasting melodious sound of the sea made me hallucinate that the passage of time had stood still eternally in that setting sun.

The setting sun at Yuiga-hama beach

A boy is running after the glowing setting sun which is about to hide from view.

He must know that this day never returns again.

Fallen leaves in Jochi-ji

A blue sky of September

The grove of Tokei-ji

September 1, 2011

A water lily flower in Kaizo-ji

I found a small newborn flower of water lily blossoming stealthily on the quiet water surface of a Suiren-bachi (a basin for water lily) in Kaizo-ji.

Although the remaining intense heat of high summer is still ruling here, I can feel a gentle hint of autumn in the smooth air and the transparent blue sky.

The various flowers of summer will soon disappear from view as if to know the closing of their brilliant blooming days.

This angelic flower, which would fade away swiftly, seemed to be one of the last traces of the season which is departing away gradually.

Tama-ajisai (Hydrangea involucrata) lowers in Jochi-ji

Under a blazing sun, the modest violet flowers of Tama-ajisai have already begun to burst out from their sphere (Tama)-shaped bracts in every corner of Kita-kamakura to notify us about the end of summer and the start of autumn.

The strong summer sunlight, which is about to complete its duty, is drawing sharp dark silhouettes of leaves to quietly leave its parting words with us.

A sacred lotus flower in Kencho-ji

Fuyou (Hibiscus mutabilis) flowers in Kaizo-ji

A Fuyou (Hibiscus mutabilis) flowers in Kaizo-ji

Sarusuberi (Lagerstroemia indica) flowers in Kaizo-ji