February 21, 2010

Mitsumata (Edgeworthia chrysantha) flowers and buds in Jochi-ji temple

In the gardens of Jochi-ji temple, the small yellow flowers of Mitsumata have started to blossom as if to herald the long-looked-for arrival of beautiful spring.

The tiny fuzzy buds of Mitsumata will continue to open one after another from now on and give us sweet joys of spring more and more.

A Mitsumata flower is one of the most typical early spring flowers in the temple gardens of Kita-kamakura.

A camellia flower in Jochi-ji temple

I found this elegant ladylike flower blooming inconspicuously in the shade of leaves.

Ume flowers in Kencho-ji temple

A votive light in Kencho-ji temple

This clear and quiet flame made me think of the light of enlightenment which salvages all animate beings from the spiritual darkness.

Ume flowers in Kencho-ji temple

Hukujyuso (Adonis ramosa) flowers in Tokei-ji temple

A "Hukujyuso" flower, which seems to burst out directly from the cold ground, is also one of the particular flowers announcing the arrival of spring in Kita-kamakura.

At the early stage of its flowering season, this plant bears its vivid yellow flowers on the very short stems which only slightly appear on the surface of the ground. Thereafter its stems and leaves gradually grow and its succeeding flowers blossom in an ordinary manner.

The name "Hukujyuso" means a plant which brings happiness and longevity for the new year.

A stream in Kencho-ji temple

Water is freely flowing down over the rock surface.

Byakusin buds in Kencho-ji temple

February 13, 2010

A white Ume flower in Engaku-ji temple

In the bitter coldness of early February, the small buds and flowers of Ume (Japanese apricot) are patiently waiting for the arrival of a kindly spring breeze.

Ume flowers gracefully withstand the coldness in this almost flowerless season.

We admire the noble beauty of these delicate but enduring flowers as an elegant sign of approaching spring and retreating winter.

Magnolia buds in Engaku-ji temple

In the small garden of "Butsu-nichi-an" (the hut for the days of faith in Buddha), the numerous buds of white magnolia are steadily growing toward their simultaneous bloom.

Lu Xun, a prominent novelist of modern China, gifted this white magnolia tree to D.T.Suzuki in remembrance of their honorable friendship.

Red Ume flowers in Engaku-ji temple

Manryo (Ardisia swartz) in Engaku-ji temple

White Ume flowers in Engaku-ji temple

A Bosatsu statue in Engaku-ji temple

Future and past are nothing but manmade illusions.
The Bosatsu of transcendental wisdom and mercy is stilly sitting in the moment of "eternal now."

White Ume flowers in Engaku-ji temple

White Ume flowes in Engaku-ji temple

Camellia in Engaku-ji temple

Red Ume flowers in Engaku-ji temple

White Ume flowes in Tokei-ji temple