May 15, 2016

Kuroageha (Papilio protenor) butterfly: Kita-kamakura

In a split second, a black butterfly silently quivered above the ruby-red flowers of Red Horse-chestnut to seek nectar.

In the fragrant air and golden sunlight of May, a flower invites a butterfly to fill its role of life and a butterfly visits a flower to collect nectar for its breeding and existence.

In the calm stream of the changing seasons, such a precious and irreplaceable moment of life is constantly reiterating in hushed silence in front of my eyes.

Shaga (Iris japonica) flowers: Chojyu-ji

In the gentle, warm spring sunlight, birds are singing love songs lively and flowers are smiling gracefully into the sun.

The exquisite flower of Shaga is a typical spring flower in Kita-kamakura, which clearly notifies us of the advent of this season of rebirth and growth.

Fresh green leaves: Engaku-ji

The new leaves of maple are weaving the brilliant gradation of green in the air and ornamenting the gate to the Shari-den (the hall of Buddha's bones) with their delightful freshness.

In the changing of the seasons, these leaves deepen in green and then take on bright autumnal coloring just before their falling.

Zen-monk: Engaku-ji

In the front court of the Shari-den, Zen-monks keep walking calmly in a circle to practice Hokou-zen (Zen-meditation by walking) as one part of the rigorous training called "Sessin."

"Sessin" is the strict discipline of the Zen-sect in which Zen-monks must continue to perform Za-zen meditation by day and by night within a fixed period of time in spring.

The word of "Sessin" means the ultimate unification of human scattered mind.

The fresh green leaves are purely shining in the sun as if to imply the serene, evergreen mind of a Zen-monk.

Yama-zakura (Prunus jamasakura) blossoms: Kita-kamakura

The low-lying hill, which is covered with rich spring green, embraces the temples of Engaku-ji serenely. 

The pale pink blossoms of Yama-zakura are gracefully adorning this tranquil hill with their modest and merciful beauty.

Yama-zakura (Prunus jamasakura) blossoms: Kita-kamakura

Garden: Kaizo-ji

Garden gate: Kaizo-ji

Fuji (wisteria) flowers: Kamakura

Bamboo grove: Tokei-ji

Shakunage (rhododendron) flowers: Kaizo-ji