December 30, 2013

Winter seashore: Yuigahama-beach (Kamakura)

The late-afternoon sun of December, which is hurriedly descending toward the horizon, has just hidden behind the clusters of thick clouds above the calm surface of the winter sea.

The pale rays of the sun are thinly spreading out into the deep slate-blue sky.

People standing on the sands are silently staring into the open sea, where a faint sign of the evening glow has already appeared.

Winter seashore: Yuigahama-beach (Kamakura)

The bright silvery sunlight is sparkling on the countless ripples of the calm sea.

The gentle winter sky is completely blanketed with the white hazy clouds to let us forget the chillness of the sea breezes for some time.

The dazzling light reflected from the sea is silhouetting the various kinds of life that linger quietly at the water's edge.

Cirrus: Yuigahama-beach (Kamakura)

The silky strands of clouds are drifting high in the bright blue sky.

A black kite is serenely wheeling in the chilly air, keenly overlooking the glistening surface of the winter sea.

The afterglow of autumn: Tokei-ji

The quiet and pale sunlight is falling down through the thick grove of trees to make the colored leaves shine like the burning afterglow of the season passing away.

Soon the cold and colorless silence of winter will dominate throughout this grove for a good while until a hint of spring appears stealthily.

Autumnal foliage: Jochi-ji

The ceaseless current of seasons is inscribed on the worn stone steps leading up to the old temple.

The leaves of blazing colors are softly casting their final radiance of splendor into the crisp air.

Flaming colors: Tokei-ji

In the slanting rays of the afternoon sun, the residual colors of autumn are burning up brightly in the depths of the bamboo grove.

In a moment, these leaves of flame will entirely go off the trees before we know it. Winter is deepening steadily without delay.

December 15, 2013

Autumn leaves: Engaku-ji

In the dry and keen sunlight of early winter, the vividly colored leaves are hurriedly approaching their prime of beauty.

Soon these flamboyant colors will disappear totally from view under the cold grayness of the midwinter sky.

The colors of seasons change forever to impress me with the perpetual beauty of this land of the living.

Autumn leaves: Jochi-ji

These colors of autumnal leaves reminded me of the evening sky aglow with the setting sun.

Autumn leaves: Engaku-ji

The shady downhill path along the white stucco walls led to the bright sunlit garden, which was dazzlingly saturated with the flaming colors of the autumn leaves.

Autumnal colors: Engaku-ji

In the gentle rays of the early afternoon sun coming in through the trees, a full spectrum of autumnal tints are shining brilliantly to fascinate me with their transient but precious beauty.

December 6, 2013

Choushuu-kaku (tea-house named "a hermitage for listening to the sounds of autumn"): Sankei-en (Yokohama)

In the shady grove where early winter has just arrived, the flaming colors of leaves are exceedingly in harmony with the silent simplicity of this old tea-ceremony house.

The snow-white of the shoji paper screens is presenting a graceful contrast with the brightly colored leaves of crimson, vermilion and gold.

The lively songs of winter birds are heard in the cool and gentle winds, that are softly rustling the colorful withering leaves of this passing season.

Autumnal garden: Sankei-en (Yokohama)

The leaves have changed their colors so beautifully as if to know their fate.

Amid the flaming colors of the autumn leaves, this old elegant bridge, which arches over the quiet pond, makes me imagine the past days when this time-honored garden was at its height.

December 1, 2013

Autumn leaves: Tokei-ji

The flaming colors of autumn leaves are deepening still more as the severe cold and pale gloom of winter are increasingly reigning over the gardens of Zen.

Soon these richly colored leaves will reach the height of their beauty and then be scattered suddenly by the bitter blast of winter wind.

I know about the transience of these gorgeous colors, which is the very reason why I am so deeply charmed by these autumnal tints.

Rindo (Gentiana scabra var. buergeri) flowers: Kaizo-ji

The lapis lazuli blue flowers of Rindo are blooming like a Hawaiian flower-lei on the green moss-covered ground.

The coral fallen leaves of maple are lying beside these flowers to make an unexpected still-life piece of autumn.