November 28, 2013

Before sundown: Morito coast (Hayama)

A little before sundown, the azure sky above the distant horizon is subtly tinted with many shades of flaming colors.

The clusters of sparkling clouds are drifting high across the sky like a phoenix that has just revived from the ashes.

Soon the darkness of night will embrace this glorious seascape completely and the shining immortal bird will slowly fly away to the other shore.

The evening twilight: Morito coast (Hayama)

In the pale vermilion glow of evening twilight, two girls, who hold their kick-scooters, are going back home from the seawall after short girl talk.

A beam from the lighthouse, which has started just now, is telling them of the coming on of a quiet moonlit night.

November 23, 2013

The setting sun: Morito coast (Hayama)

The setting sun is slowly disappearing beyond the far horizon.

The sky and clouds are colored exquisitely with the pale cinnabar sunlight.

Waves are calmly heaving with their tender sound in the gentle evening glow.

A flight of seabirds are silently returning to their home.

For a moment, the eternity of the sea shows itself secretly before my eyes.

November 21, 2013

Autumnal tints: Engaku-ji

Early winter has just arrived here and autumnal tints are pouring in steadily to brilliantly color the gardens of Zen under the bright and transparent sky of this elegant season.

Soon the flaming colors of autumn leaves will spread like wildfire to give a seasonal tremendous feast for our eyes.