November 23, 2013

The setting sun: Morito coast (Hayama)

The setting sun is slowly disappearing beyond the far horizon.

The sky and clouds are colored exquisitely with the pale cinnabar sunlight.

Waves are calmly heaving with their tender sound in the gentle evening glow.

A flight of seabirds are silently returning to their home.

For a moment, the eternity of the sea shows itself secretly before my eyes.


Mariane said...

Beautiful and delicate as always. Thank you for sharing your poetic vision. It is inspiring. M

Kunihiko said...

Dear Mariane,

Thank you again for your kind comment, which always encourages me to continue this blog.

I am very glad to know you liked this seascape photograph.

In winter, thanks to the dry and transparent air peculiar to this cold season, I often encounter the beautiful sea and sky aglow with the setting sun.

It is my special seasonal pleasure to take a photograph of such a finely colored seascape of evening.