December 19, 2017

Autumn leaves: Engaku-ji

With each piercing wind from north, autumn is gradually deepening into winter.

The dry chillness of the air has already sparked the vivid coloring of the leaves in this modest garden.

Just before the quiet winter rest, the leaves of trees exhibits the bright flaming colors of life to foretell the rebirth of fresh leaves in the coming spring.

Autumn leaves: Engaku-ji

In the lucid stillness peculiar to this fast passing season, the Shari-den (the hall in which a vessel for Buddha's bones is enshrined) is subtly adorned with the transient mosaic of crimson, yellow and deep-green autumnal leaves.

Autumn leaves: Engaku-ji

Autumn leaves: Engaku-ji

Autumn leaves: Engaku-ji

Autumn leaves: Engaku-ji

November 7, 2017

Aka-tateha (Vanessa indica) butterfly: Kaizo-ji

In the tranquil garden of this humble temple, the beginning of autumn has already caused the light violet flowers of Sion to come into full bloom.

In the lucid sunlight pouring down through the high clouds, these abundant flowers are magnificently shining to compose the momentary splendor of this transient season.

A vivid orange butterfly of autumn has flown away swiftly into the air after alighting on a flower for an instant.

Sion (Michaelmas daisy) flowers: Kaizo-ji

A fitful north wind is gently stirring the leaves which have just begun to change colors.

Autumn is deepening earlier than I expected.

The full-blown flowers of Sion are slowly swaying in the dry cooling wind as if to convey the joy and emotion of their brief and glorious blooming.

Rindo (Gentiana scabra var. buergeri) flowers: Kaizo-ji