May 21, 2017

Shaga (Iris japonica) flowers: Cyojyu-ji

A flower chases the sun to shine beautifully for its best fertility.

In the bright warm sun, I sense that every green plant is swaying lightly in an absolute ecstasy of joy.

As a treasured embodiment of spring, the exquisite flowers of Shaga are reigning over the gardens of Kita-kamakura with their silvery whiteness.

Soon they disappear in one breath, and then the highest moment of spring will come here.

Kakitubata (Iris laevigata) flowers: Kaizo-ji

Haku-un-boku (Styrax obassia) flowers: Jochi-ji

Fallen flowers: Jochi-ji

Spring garden: Kaizo-ji

Spring bamboo grove: Jochi-ji

Peony flowers: Kencho-ji

Fern: Jochi-ji

Peony flower: Kencho-ji

The gate to the spring garden: Kaizo-ji

Kodemari (Spiraea cantoniensis) flowers: Kaizo-ji

The garden of fresh green: Tokei-ji

April 26, 2017

Kaido (Malus halliana) blossoms: Genji-yama (Kita-kamakura)

Against the deep green shade of the grove, the full-blown blossoms of Kaido are shining brilliantly in the warm spring sunlight.

After reviving from long winter quietness, trees and plants have just done everything in their power to bear splendid flowers and fresh green leaves.

In this rapture of spring, every living thing is busily making its appearance to restart its precious story of life.

Spring grove: Kencho-ji

As spring awakens, leaf buds of various colors start coming out on bare branches to add elegant charms to a calm grove. 

Kaido (Malus halliana) blossoms: Genji-yama (Kita-kamakura)