February 20, 2017

Japanese white-eye bird and ume (Japanese apricot) blossoms: Tsurugaoka-hachimangu (Kamakura)

Early in February, before any flower, the noble white blossoms of ume start blooming to foretell the coming of spring.

The sweet fragrance of spring begins to drift softly in the chilly scentless air of late winter.

Birds wait eagerly for this flowering season to enjoy the nectar of life ecstatically.

White ume blossoms: Engaku-ji

February 4, 2017

Shadows on the frozen pond: Engaku-ji

In the morning chill, the trees cast their intertwined shadows on the thin ice which covers the quiet surface of the pond.

The steel-blue sunlight of winter shines through the branches and reveals the essence of this cold season on the frozen water.

Decaying leaves: Engaku-ji

On the chilly ground, the magenta fallen leaves are decaying gradually into dust.

In a little while when spring arrives, this whole area becomes a sea of fresh green plants.

A moss-covered stone stands still here in the swift passage of time.

Ripples on the pond: Engaku-ji

The gentle winter breeze silently rippled the surface of the pond to cast a momentary pattern of reflection on it.

Wintry trees: Engaku-ji

Under the gray winter sky, a web of twigs is at deep rest.

Soon tree buds will come out unnoticeably to prepare for the coming of spring.

Small waves: Kaizo-ji

The sapphire blue of the cold sky is mirrored on the ceaselessly undulating surface of the small pond.