March 24, 2024

Ume (japanese apricot) flowers: Tokei-ji

Ume (japanese apricot) flowers: Tokei-ji

The trees of Ume live very long, usually between 100 and 200 years, with some having a life span of over 300 years. These pale pink flowers are blooming inconspicuously from the slender branch protruding from the mossy, rugged trunk of this age-old tree. 

Soon these spring flowers will complete their own pollination job and will promptly decline and be scattered in the sudden wind.

Every flower blooms only for pollination and has a very short life. After its height of flowering period, it loses its freshness and fades away rapidly.

Flowers that are not pollinated will keep blooming longer than those that have performed their mission, but must also begin to age rapidly when the time comes. The cells that make up the petals are genetically pre-programmed for death according to the dharma of this cosmos.

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