June 18, 2024

Yae-zakura flowers: Sanjusangen-do Temple (Kyoto)

Yae-zakura flowers: Sanjusangen-do Temple (Kyoto)

Sanjusangen-do Temple (hall) is renowned for the 1001 gilded images of Senju Kannon (thousand-armed bodhisattva of divine mercy) enshrined within it. 

Kannon in Mahayana Buddhism is the young saint who remains in the human world as a Nirvana Buddha in order to compassionately save people and all living things from all kinds of suffering in this world. 

The thousand-armed bodhisattva has the thousand arms for relieving a thousand kinds of pains and agonies in this world.

This temple is located in the Higashiyama district of Kyoto and is the prestigious Buddhist temple of the Tendai sect. 

It was founded in 1164 by shogun Taira-no-Kiyomori for the cloistered Emperor Go-Shirakawa. It is officially known as Rengeo-in Temple (lotus-king temple) and belongs to the Myoho-in (lotus-sutra temple) complex.

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