June 18, 2024

Pond garden: Sanjusangen-do Temple (Kyoto)

Pond garden: Sanjusangen-do Temple  (Kyoto)

The golden yellow flowers of Yamabuki (Japanese rose) are quietly reflecting in the dark green pond that spreads out in front of the fresh vermilion cloister. 

The pale pink blossoms of the weeping cherry are subtly swaying in the mild breeze as if to try to gently touch the stone arrangement which may symbolize the classic Shaka triad (a group of 3 Buddhist images composed of Shaka Nyorai flanked with 2 boddhisatvas).

What characterizes this graceful garden is thought to be the well-selected garden-rocks arranged artfully around the pond. 

The garden, which has been recently restored, is based on the classical landscape gardening design, while at the same time it skillfully incorporate a certain modern expression that suggests the aesthetic sense common with contemporary sculptures.

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