June 18, 2024

North garden: Ninnaji Temple (Kyoto)

North garden: Ninnaji Temple (Kyoto)

The Ninna-ji Imperial Palace Garden is the garden originally created in the mid-Edo period and renovated by "Ueji" Ogawa Jihei VII (1860-1933) during the reconstruction of the Shoin and Shinden (the emperor's former residence and the head temple of the Shingon sect of Buddhism).  

Ueji (his common name) is the most renowned landscape architect representing the modern era of Japan, who created many notable Japanese gardens during the Meiji and Taisho periods.

The Ninna-ji Palace Garden consists of two gardens, that is " Minami-niwa" (the south garden) and "Kita-niwa" (the north garden). There is also a courtyard with beautiful moss and autumn leaves. The pond has a waterfall stone structure, and water cascades down with calm sound.

The landscape of these gardens is gracefully composed of the large pond with a stone bridge in the center facing the Shinden, the old tea houses on the slope behind it, the area of white sand, the beautiful Chokushi-mon gate, and the five-story pagoda outside the garden.

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