June 18, 2024

Pond garden: Chishaku-in Temple (Kyoto)

Pond garden: Chishaku-in Temple (Kyoto)

The droplets of water falling intermittently from the gaps in the stonework strike the tranquil surface of the pond water to continue creating faint sounds and ripples. 

The subtle sounds of the water drops suddenly break the stillness of the garden and, like the sharp impact of "Kyosaku" (Zen stick) in Zen meditation, break the slumber of the our minds and awake us to the meaning of stillness again.

The intricately arranged beautiful stones of this garden must represent the magnificent appearance of the abrupt canyons deep in the mountains.

The stone is a symbol of eternity, which maintains its form forever without being affected by anything. At the same time, the stone keeps transforming bit by bit like a living creature, changing its figure from moment to moment under the ever-changing sunlight, rain, wind, and snow.

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