June 8, 2022

Skakuyaku (Paeonia lactiflora) flowers: Ofuna flower center (Kamakura)

Skakuyaku (Paeonia lactiflora) flowers: Ofuna flower center (Kamakura)

Bathed in the dazzling sunlight from the bright sky, various Shakuyaku (Chinese-peony) flowers are blooming magnificently in the garden as if to wholeheartedly exhibit their genuine joy of flowering.

The glossy green leaves, which begin growing thick in preparation for the arrival of summer, seem to silently praise the divine blessings of nature in this flowery season. 

At the National Museum of Western Art of Tokyo, I have seen Monet's painting (Peony Garden, 1887) of the gorgeous Chinese-peony flowers blooming in his garden at Giverny. The peony plants which Monet grew there were the gifts of friendship from a Japanese couple who were close friends of this great painter.

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