June 30, 2022

Ajisai (hydrangea) flowers: Kencho-ji

Ajisai (hydrangea) flowers: Kencho-ji

The excellence of Ajisai (hydrangea) flowers is that, from their opening to the time they wither and die, their colors and shapes change successively as if they had their own will to alter their appearances.

For example, the flowers that have just started blooming become yellowish in color, then change color to pale yellow-green, then turn blue, then red, and finally end up in rusty green before falling, in accordance with the progress of the time and the chemistry of soil and rainwater.

I never know the reason why Ajisai flowers continue to transform themselves magically. Perhaps their ever-changing appearance might excite the aesthetic curiosity of the pollinating insects. However, there is no doubt that this beautiful wonder of nature can delight the human eyes during the gloomy rainy season.

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