April 26, 2022

Yama-zakura (mountain cherry) flowers and Engaku-ji : Kita-kamakura

Yama-zakura (mountain cherry) flowers and Engaku-ji : Kita-kamakura

The small valley thickly covered with trees, where the temple buildings of Engaku-ji are situated, is finely adorned with the subtle and calm colors and forms of spring.

On the fresh-green hillside, the countless mountain-cherry flowers are blooming and shining in the bright fertile sunlight as if to celebrate this season of rebirth and growth.

The tender chirping songs of birds are echoing throughout the valley to express their joy in the arrival of long-awaited spring. The colorful new leaves of various plants are creating an elegant mosaic ornament to this tranquil landscape.

No matter what is happening in the human world now, every living being earnestly goes on with its life in the ceaseless stream of seasons.

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