December 19, 2021

Autumn leaves in the garden of Obai-in (Engaku-ji)

Autumn leaves in the garden of Obai-in (Engaku-ji)

The colorful autumn-leaves, which are past their prime and have begun to dry up, are continuing to scatter and fall one after another in the cutting north-wind. Before I visit this quiet garden next time, these leaves will have disappeared from view completely.

Sensing the subtle transition of the seasons, living things continue to change their lives every moment according to their cycles of birth, death and rebirth. 

The deciduous trees, which have worn thick greens, shed all their died leaves to endure the winter and secretly prepare for regrowth in the next spring.

Under the eyes of the small wooden statue of Sho-Kannon, the endless cycle of death and rebirth keeps turning silently without being known to anyone. 

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