February 24, 2011

Ume (Japanese apricot) flowers in Engaku-ji

In the gardens of Zen, the Ume flowers are coming into full bloom and spreading their delicate incense still more.

Soon the warm breezes of spring will begin to blow softly from the east to gently caress the emerging sprouts and buds of plants.

In the tender sunlight, the elegant flowers of Ume are blossoming in full glory as if to be proud of their endurance against the harsh trials of that late winter.


abdcot said...

impressive photos

Mariane said...

Beautiful, thought provoking... Hope to be able to travel and witness these gardens myself one day, in the meanwhile, thank you for sharing...

Kunihiko said...

Dear abdcot:

Thank you for your very encouraging comment.

I found especial beauty in the combination of the elegant flowers and the shadow of a tree which was brought by the afternoon sunlight of that early spring day.

Best Wishes,

Kunihiko said...

Dear Mariane:

Thank you again for your warmhearted comment and support to my photolog.

I visited your beautiful "DRAWING SAFARIS" blog and gained the profound impression of your deep devotion to the all living things of nature.

I very much appreciate your linking to my photolog in your blog.

I believe that the finding of beauty in nature teaches us to realize the truth of the universe and to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

With every good wish,

Unknown said...

Dear Kunihiko

I first visited the temples of Kita-Kamakura by myself. It was early summer. Strolling through the gardens on my own, the peace and tranquility I found there made a profound and lasting impression on me. During the 9 years we lived in Tokyo I returned to Kamakura and Kita-Kamakura many times, in all seasons. Your beautiful photographs have brought back many happy memories. I also enjoyed your thoughtful commentary on your photographs. My husband has enjoyed them too.
Thank you,

Kunihiko said...

Dear Bernadette:

Thank you sincerely for your warm and kindly comment. I am very glad to know that you and your husband enjoyed my photoblog.

I believe that the modest beauty and gentleness of this small region called Kita-kamakura are essentially created by the presence of the historic temples of Zen. To my mind, the quiet gardens of these temples express the deep respect and affection toward all things in nature.

In this photoblog, I intend to find and record the seasonal scenes and stories of all living things in the peaceful microcosm of Zen.

Please give our best wishes to your husband.

Very truly yours,