July 11, 2024

Suiren (water lily) flower: Kita-kamakura

Suiren (water lily) flower: Kita-kamakura

As the height of spring approaches, the temperature and sunlight increase gradually, and all manner of living things awaken from their winter slumber one by one.

In accordance with their profound wisdom genetically built up over billions of years, various birds having kept silence resume their lively chirping for mating, fresh greenery grows thickly at a tremendous pace, and numerous flowers begin to successively bloom in a hurried manner.

Bright spring shows us the gorgeous celebration and festivity of the nature lives, which rapidly change in the blink of an eye. All living things must be fleeting in this world and every beautiful flower appears and disappears all too soon before my eyes.

In order to try to bear the vanishing memories of the ephemeral spring flowers in mind, I hereby leave an assortment of these lovely flowers on record.


Dario said...

Hello Kunihiko,

Greetings from Northern California. I bumped into your beautiful blog by chance, I've enjoyed exploring your posts, and I subscribed to your feed.

I'm curious about the opening line on your latest post from July 11, which reads "As the height of spring approaches, ..." because on July 11, in the Northern Hemisphere, we're way past spring and well into Summer that started about a month ago, on June 20. Isn't that so in Japan as well?

I did some research online, and I didn't find any difference between Japan, North America or Europe in terms of when the 4 seasons start.

But I'm curious to learn if your seasons are different from ours, and if so, how. I'm also fascinated by the plants you posted about that I had never heard of in our part of the world, and by seeing how some of the same flowers are specific to one season in Japan and to another season in North America and Europe.

With kind regards,

Kunihiko said...

Dear Dario,

Thank you for your comment and interest in my photo blog. I appreciate your kindness in pointing out the inadequate expression in my text.

In this photo-upload, the photographs were taken separately between April and May in Kamakura. I intended to take the form of a personal album of the flowers blooming one after another from spring to the early summer.

As you have indicated, I believe that the natural world of the spring and early summer in Kamakura and other northern hemisphere regions basically resemble each other and we find many beautiful flowers during these bright and lively seasons in a similar way.

With best regards,

From the Garden of Zen