March 19, 2023

Tsubaki (camellia) flowers: Engaku-ji

Tsubaki (camellia) flowers: Engaku-ji

In the front garden of the Hojo (main temple hall), where the red apricot trees have already blossomed in full bloom to herald the arrival of spring, the crimson flowers of spring camellias are quietly blooming beside the old moss-covered stone statue of Byakue-kannon (Buddhist deity of mercy wearing white robes) to quietly celebrate the arrival of spring.

In spring, various plants and trees competitively bear their flowers one after another, while releasing the precious beauty and pleasant fragrance, and then those flowers must disappear fleetingly one by one.

The white-robed Kannon seems to be bending his ear lovingly to the inaudible innocent voices of these spring camellia flowers, that are now blooming brightly and will soon pass away silently. His gentle and merciful smile may teach them that all living beings are impermanent and transient according to the law of this universe.

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