March 19, 2023

Shidare-ume (weeping Japanese apricot) flowers: Kaizo-ji

Shidare-ume (weeping Japanese apricot) flowers: Kaizo-ji

Buddha taught that all things that seem to exist distinctly in this world are genuinely ephemeral and momentary like the bubbles of water, and that, no matter how beautiful a flower may be, it is empty to be enchanted by its fleeting beauty and to cling to this fragile dream as if it could last forever.

Although it is true, undoubtedly these flowers of spring are beautiful and fascinate those who find them, as they are blossoming in full bloom at the moment after enduring the ordeals of the long winter. 

I believe that even Buddha, who had already attained enlightenment and had conquered all his delusions, may be captivated by the innocent beauty of these spring flowers for a spell of time when he catches sight of them.

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