March 19, 2021

Haku-mokuren (Magnolia denudata) flowers: Engaku-ji

Haku-mokuren (Magnolia denudata) flowers: Engaku-ji

Again this year, the pearl white flowers of "Yulan of Lu Xun" are magnificently blooming high in the bright sky to unveil the true height of springtime. 

"Yulan" means "jade orchid" in Chinese and corresponds to Japanese name of "Haku-mokuren." 

According to the explanation board added to this old Haku-mokuren tree, it was presented by Lu Xun to Engaku-ji in 1933 as a token of friendship, and since then it has been living here for almost 90 years while bearing plenty of white fragrant flowers every spring. 

Lu Xun is one of the major Chinese writers of the 20th century and carried out his creative activities in Shanghai. The white flower of Haku-mokuren is the city flower of Shanghai, which decorates the spring of this old city with its splendor and fragrance.

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