March 29, 2019

Haku-mokuren (Magnolia heptapeta) flowers: Engaku-ji

Haku-mokuren (Magnolia heptapeta) flowers: Engaku-ji

As spring blooms into full glory, the bright sunlight reaching the ground increases more and more. In concert with this deepening of springtime, every living thing, which starved for the glaring sunlight in its winter sleep, rapidly regains its true life force for regrowth.

As if to suddenly release the rich vigor saved in quiet winter, various kinds of young leaves and colorful flowers instantly appear in the lively gardens which are full of the gentle warm sunlight.

A cascade of silky Haku-mokuren flowers are blooming radiantly in the deep blue sky like the white lotus flowers ascending high into the air, which gives me heartfelt joy of spring this year also.

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