June 24, 2011

Gaku-ajisai (Hydrangea macrophylla) flowers in Engaku-ji

Long after a rainfall, raindrops are lovingly lingering on these flowers to continue lustering to the gorgeous violet hues of them.

Ajisai flowers are sure to be favored by this season of rain.


Ajisai said...

Water drops on Ajisai enhance their beauty like some diamond jewels !

There was some light pink flowers, named hydrangea, in my grand-parents' garden. Though I loved the flowers, their name always sounded strange to me. Then few years ago I discovered Kamakura during the rainy saison. And I fell in love with Ajisai plants. All was so perfect, the secret places where they grow, their colors and shapes, and last but not least, their name. This was just harmony, that your pictures outline so well, as always. Thank you so much !

Kunihiko said...

Thank you very much for your warmhearted and thoughtful comment, which encourages me greatly as always.

It is generally said that the Japanese name "Ajisai" originates from "Azu" (group) and "Sa-ai" (blue flower) and means "a group of blue flowers."

In Kita-kamakura, soon the rainy season will end and the colorful flowers of this season will disappear from view as always. Seasons never stop turning and bringing us seasonal beautiful flowers.

I am very pleased to know that you liked my Ajisai photos.