June 15, 2011

Ajisai (hydrangea) flowers in Engaku-ji

Ajisai flowers blossom in full glory during this rainy season of early summer called "Tsuyu" (apricot rain) in Japanese. "Tsuyu" means "the rain which falls when the fruits of Ume (Japanese apricot) ripen."

The botanical name "hydrangea" of Ajisai means "a vessel of water" and adequately express the noble attribute of its moist colorful flowers.

This flower of rain changes in color beautifully with the lapse of time. This transformation is called "the seven metamorphoses of the hydrangea flower."

I wonder how brilliantly these newborn plain flowers will grow up soon.


Ajisai said...

How beautiful and expressive are all your pictures ! Could you please tell more about the seven metamorphoses of Ajisai ?

The light in the dark forest on the white, newborn, shining ajasai flowers make me almost smell the perfume of the earth during the rainy season.

Hoping we will soon discover new enchanted views of your country.

Thank you so much for sharing them.

Kunihiko said...

I very much appreciate your comment, which encourages me greatly at all times.

The story about the seven metamorphoses of Ajisai will be posted at the other Ajisai photo given below.

Various images of Ajisai will be put in this blog next week.

Thank you again for your warm comment and support.