July 4, 2010

A zen-cat in Jochi-ji temple

A cat perfectly lives now and here. She never regrets the past and never worries about the future. Unlike a human being, she is never possessed by hollow delusions and never spins a daydream.

D.T.Suzuki found the perfect freedom of spirit in the carefree and freewheeling behavior of cats and loved them heartily.


Mariano said...

Absolutely rigth, Kunihiko. I too feel the same about my cat (s). When I'm doing zazen at home, she silently aproches me and "sits", with her eyes slightely open, along with me. What a lesson!
Beautiful blog, I always look after it every week, looking for something special that always appears. Some of it are in the wallpaper or desktop of my PC. Congratulations and keep on doing it.

Kunihiko said...

I heartily thank you for your beautiful comment, which encourage me and my little blog greatly.

The photograph in which D.T.Suzuki are dozing peacefully with a kitten resting in his bosom (please go to http://www.azenlife-film.org/top.htm to see it) may suggest the cordial relationship between a ZEN-man and a CAT.

Thank you again for your very kind support to my blog.