July 27, 2021

Sacred Lotus flowers: Ofuna Botanical Garden (Kamakura)

Sacred Lotus flowers: Ofuna Botanical Garden (Kamakura)

In Amida-kyo (Amida Sutra) of Mahayana Buddhism, it is taught that in the paradise called the Pure Land of Amitabha, sacred lotus flowers are blooming beautifully everywhere. 

A lotus flower is said to represent the virtues of those who are to born into the Pure Land. The lotus grows in the mud, but it does not get stained by the mud and produces pure, noble flowers on the water.

When those who have righteous faith pass on to the Pure Land, they will suddenly dwell in the base of a large flower-bud of lotus rising in a large pond. At this moment, all women will also become men, and, as the lotus flower blooms, they will become eternal residents of the Pure Land of Amidanyorai.

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