October 7, 2020

Higan-bana (Lycoris radiata) flowers: Eisho-ji

Higan-bana (Lycoris radiata) flowers: Eisho-ji

The transparent sunlight peculiar to early autumn is falling through the pellucid atmosphere and is filling the humble garden of this Buddhist convent with its serene and clear brightness.

As if to heartily welcome the refreshing and rich sunshine of this season, the vivid vermilion flowers of Higan-bana are blooming all together vigorously on the tips of the leafless stems before the appearance of their fresh leaves. 

The stunning color of a roaring flame is blazing quietly in this monastic garden, which makes me realize that the long-awaited autumn has just arrived here definitely.


Vân said...

Thank you for the beautiful photos ! I appreciate that you give the Japanese name and the scientific name of the plants, it makes it easy for me to study. Autumn is my favourite season, I can't wait for your fall colours photos !

Kunihiko said...

Thank you for your kind comment, which is a great encouragement to me.
I am very glad to know that you enjoy my photos.
Soon the gardens will be filled with the various beautiful colors of autumn leaves.
I hope that you will like my autumn pictures.