May 14, 2020

Yae-zakura (Double-flowered cherry tree) flowers: Engaku-ji

Yae-zakura (Double-flowered cherry tree) flowers: Engaku-ji

A long time has passed since the full-blown cherry flowers disappeared completely like a momentary but beautiful daydream of spring. After those flowers had fallen altogether, various fresh leaves are appearing all at once everywhere, which makes me realize how fast time is passing.

In a corner of the quiet garden of Hyak-kannon (one hundred statues of Buddhist deity of compassion), the pale pink flowers of a double‐flowered cherry tree are in full bloom in the gentle afternoon sunlight of late spring.

The flying-dragon in the auspicious clouds sculptured on the Chokushi-mon Gate (gate for imperial envoys), which was once colored splendidly in the old days, symbolizes the virtue and benevolence of the emperor to be received.

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