May 14, 2020

Tsutsuji (Rhododendron) flowers: Jochi-ji

Tsutsuji (Rhododendron) flowers: Jochi-ji

After going up the worn sandstone steps at the back of the moss-covered stone bridge and passing under the humble San-mon gate (Three Gates of Deliverance), a long, weathered stone staircase leads to the bell-tower gate and the Buddha hall in the quiet and shady grove.

The azalea flowers of various colors vividly decorate the tranquil entrance path to the humble Buddha hall.

In the Buddha hall, the three wooden images of Shakyamuni triad, namely the image of Shakyamuni (Gautama) Buddha flanked by two attendants, are waiting for us.

The framed motto hung on the San-mon gate is saying the zen words of "Housho zaikin" from the Lotus Sutra. This phase means that the nirvana of enlightenment (Housho) is within a stone's throw (zaikin) and you must take it one step further without giving it up.

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