October 17, 2019

Statue of Shokannon: Engaku-ji (Oubai-in)

Statue of Shokannon: Engaku-ji (Oubai-in)

Buddha descends from his pure land to our earthly realm to save all living things universally. He transforms himself into various figures of "Kannon Bosatsu" to pityingly fulfill the diverse wishes of the distressed.

"Kannon" means the deity of mercy who can see through all things in this universe and "Bosatsu" means an avatar of Buddha who devotes himself to spiritually relieve all living creatures from this world of agony.

Shokannon Bosatsu is the most fundamental shape of Kannon Bosatsu and has a modest human-like figure. He wears the jeweled crown in which a small avatar of Amitabha is enshrined and he has a sacred lotus flower in his left hand as the symbol of his divine wisdom and mercy.

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