October 17, 2019

Statue of Birushana butsu (Vairocana) : Engaku-ji (Butsuden)

Statue of Birushanabutsu (Vairocana) :Engaku-ji (butsuden)

In the Buddha hall filled with deep tranquility, Birushana Buddha is sitting and shining still on a lotus pedestal with a gracious look of wisdom in the pale light calmly streaming in through the windows.

According to Avatamsaka Sutra (the Flower Garland Sutra), Birushana Buddha (Vairocana or the shining one) originates from the sun god and is regarded as the central deity of the universe.

Birushana Buddha mercifully lightens up all things in the universe with his light of supreme wisdom and compassion. This universe is called "Rengezo Sekai", which means the paradise created by billions of Buddhas sitting on lotus flowers.

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