August 10, 2013

Sacred lotus flowers in Kencho-ji

In front of the Kara-mon (Chinese-style gate) with bright golden ornaments, the half-opened flower buds of sacred lotus are standing high in noble manner under a dazzling sun.

A lotus flower lasts only four days.

On the first day, a flower bud of lotus begins to open with the dawn and the slightly-opened young flower closes and returns to the state of a bud during the morning. On the second day, in the early morning, this flower opens again and then comes into full bloom beautifully and spreads a fragrant aroma into the air before its closing in the afternoon. On the third day, this lotus flower opens again but its petals, stamens and pistil have become discolored and faded. This declining flower closes halfway in the early afternoon. On the fourth day, this flower opens again but feebly in the early morning and all of its petals fall before noon.

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