December 18, 2012

Autumn leaves in Tokei-ji (Kamakura)

Above the small gate to the Buddha hall, the brightly colored leaves are glowing radiantly in the crisp sunlight of the cool autumn morning.

Here in Kamakura, the season of autumnal tints usually begins late in November and continues until about the middle of December. Fortunately, we can enjoy the gorgeous beauty of autumn leaves slightly longer than in Kyoto.

In this brief beautiful season just before the long bitter winter, the gardens of Zen are ablaze with all kinds of flaming colors wondrously.


Ajisai said...

Dear Kunihiko-san,

Gold and shadow, just like a lacquer masterpiece !
Thank you very much for these bright pictures from such a perfect garden.

Hoping you will continue to share with us your thoughts and enchanting discoveries during the next season cycle.

Kunihiko said...

Dear Ajisai,

Thank you heartily again for your kind comment and warm encouragement.

The true nature of the universe may present itself as the beautifulness of the each passing seasons in this earthly world. These gardens may be the unwritten book of Zen for us.

The autumn leaves of this year was especially beautiful in Kamakura. Different pictures of these autumn leaves will be added to this blog soon.

I am very grateful to you for the kindness you have showed this year.
I sincerely hope next year will be an even better year for you and your family.