January 31, 2012

A snowy heron in Engaku-ji

A snowy heron was perching quietly on an empty water-lily basin in front of the gate to the Shari-den (the hall of Buddha's bones).

A deep stillness reigned over the garden of winter.


Mariane said...

As always, breathtaking. Thank you for making the world more beautiful by sharing your walks. Mariane

Kunihiko said...

hello Mariane

Thank you for your kind comment, which is a great encouragement to me.

In Kita-kamakura, because of the unseasonable weather of this month, the blossoming of Ume (Japanese apricot), which is one of the joyful signs of early spring, is delayed so long.

Even so, spring always arrives here and delights us with its fragrant flowers.

Thank you