January 31, 2012

Narcissus flowers in Jochi-ji

In the bitter chill of midwinter, the snow-white flowers of narcissus are nobly blooming in silence and giving off an elegant aroma to console us warmly in this cold gloomy season.

In Japan, this plant is called Sui-sen, which means "a water hermit" because it grows at the edge of water and bears pure white flowers.

Like fairies standing still at the waterside, the flowers of Sui-sen are blooming innocently as if to be free from the any hardship of this nearly colorless season.


Ajisai said...

Since I admired your picture, I am looking for a bunch of Narcissus... Also, I love the meaning of their name in Japanese.
Unfortunatly, spring is still not here, and I did not find these flowers for the moment ! So I continue to visit your blog, waiting eargerly for the first signs of the new season that you kindly share with us.
All the best,

Kunihiko said...

Hello Ajisai

Thank you again for your kind and encouraging words.

I am very happy to know that you enjoyed my photos.

In Kita-kamakura, long-awaited spring has arrived at last and the flowers of Ume (Japanese apricot) are blooming elegantly now.

Uguisu birds (Japanese bush warblers) are beginning to sing their sweet spring songs as if to warmly welcome the arrival of this beautiful season.

Soon I will be able to present the pictures of early spring on this blog.

Thank you again for your warm support to my blog.

With all good wishes,